Keyword Research and Analysis Competition

What the research of keywords (keyword research) and what others meant by analyzing the competition? Users searching on search engines using keywords or keyword, and the engine will provide results that are relevant to those keywords. With the help tool from Google, we can do the research to find keywords that are popular or that the competition is low. In doing keyword research, we typically as a new website owner targeting the lower competition. This is because new websites usually do not have a “foundation” strong so it will lose when competing with large websites. The seo marketing top seo company will help you to improve the quality of your website. Favorite tool in conducting keyword research is the GKP or Google Keyword Planner. The reason is, because of its free and complete.

One thing that needs to know about keyword research is long tail keywords or keyword long tail. In addition to the keywords you are looking for, GKP also shows the number of searches of similar keywords. For example, from the image above, in addition to keywords new clothes there are also others such as buying and selling clothes, buy clothes online, buy clothes online sale, and others. From here, if we optimize the website for keyword buy clothes, then there are only 320 seekers per month, but if we optimize to buy clothes online, the total search is 1,300 + 320 = 1,620. Of course the decision back to your hands and irrelevant whether or not your content with the existing long tail.

Lastly, if your website such as an online store (e-commerce) or monetized by affiliate products, long tail keywords usually provide a greater conversion rate than regular keywords. This is because people who use long tail usually afford higher intentions. For example, people looking for “blue dress” to “buy a blue shirt”. The former is usually just want to find information, while the second looks pure intention to buy.

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