Choosing a Bow Size for Beginners & Adults

Sometimes we see that the bow used by novice archers is too big. This happens because archers and trainers sometimes think that archery equipment is expensive, so it must be durable and can be used for a long time. As a result, bows are often purchased in oversized sizes (especially children’s bows). In fact, a bow that is too big can cause injury and not optimal practice. Get the best one on Custom Mathews Compound Bowstrings and Cables.

The archer must first know the length of his arm. The length of this pull is measured by measuring the length of the arm span first. The length of this arm span can be different even if the archer’s height is the same. How to measure it can be by standing upright while attaching the body to the wall with the back against the wall. After that stretch your right and left arms until they are straight at shoulder level. Calculate the length of the hand span with a meter, from the outermost point of the right hand to the outermost point of the left hand. To measure this hand span, use the inch size because in general, bows are sold in inches. After the length of the arm span is obtained, then the result is divided by 2.5. For example: a child’s arm span is 60, so 60:2,5=24. The number 24 is the length of the hand pull.

After that, take a look at the table of suitable child and adult bow sizes below

Length of pull 14″ to 16″ = Bow 48″
Length of pull 17″ to 20″ = Bow 54″
Length of pull 20″ to 22″ = Bow 58″
Length of pull 22″ to 24″ = Bow Arrow 62″
Draw length 24″ to 26″ = Bow 64″ to 66″
Length of pull 26″ to 28″ = Bow 66″ to 68″
Length of pull 28″ to 30″ = Bow 68″ to 70″
Length of draw 31″ more = Bow 70″ to 72″

Based on the measurements above, a child whose length of pull is 24 can already use a bow with a length of 62 to 66.

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